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Root Canal West Covina

In A-Z Dental Care, Dr. Salek, with more than 25 years’ experience, has enough skill, and knowledge to take care of patients, who need root canal in West Covina, very limited dental offices may have high tech CT-Scan machine, and other required instruments, like A-Z Dental Care, which can help for more accurate evaluation, and more efficient RCT.

What is RCT?

In advanced tooth damages, because of decay, or trauma, vital tissues, and pulp chamber of the teeth can get involved. In such situations, all of the microorganisms of oral biofilm can penetrate inside the tooth. This penetration can cause infection inside the tooth, surrounding bone, and tissues.

In these circumstances, RCT is required to clean inside of the tooth and to seal canals. Therefore this treatment can close the best pathways for microorganisms, which can cause infection.

Our oral and dental health professionals ensure that this simple and more or less routine service is offered to your satisfaction.

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